PATEK PHILIPPE has continuously delivered the market the finest timepieces in the world. The watches manufactured from the 1930s to the 1960s have particular value to collectors. Since the 1970s several prominent auction houses began reappraising the value of older rare pieces. As a reult of this, the value of these pieces has gone up.


There are several reasons for this, but we know one is because of the many man hours put into the manufacture of the older pieces. The design PATEK PHILIPPE watches exceed other brands and were made at a time when it was possible to put so much time into each watch’s manufacture, giving it a unique luxuriousness.

PATEK PHILIPPE was able to manufacture made-to-order PATEK PHILIPPE models, as well as very unique models. These are now recognized as being extremely rare. There were many variations created, from simple two-hand and-three-hand watches to more complex designs with chronographs, world time, perpetual calendars, minute repeaters and combinations of these functions. Currently most products are systematically similar. However, PATEK PHILIPPE clearly makes its own standard which maintains a constant interest from collectors.

Our Services

We are introducing our unique and high quality VINTAGE PATEK PHILIPPE items to collectors.

We only purchase items in the best condition, and have amassed an incredible collection of time pieces. Each includes a Certificate of Origin (manufacturer’s written guarantee) and a copy of PATEK PHILIPPE’s own “Extract from the Archives.” We are overhauling our stock items with PATEK PHILIPPE and other domestic watch makers. (Restrictions do not apply to consigned watches.)

If there is a model you are looking for, please inquire here.

In order to bring the most magnificent time pieces to our customers, we are in constant contact with buyers around the world as well as major auction houses. With the items featured on this site we hope we can pique the interest of all collectors.