About us

I was born into a Japanese family that has been around for more than 300 years, so I had many opportunities to think about own tradition from an early age.
I am past the age of 50 and will be spending the second half of my life, and at this point, I am thinking about how to live in the present age as the 11th generation of an unnamed family and what I can leave behind.

My eighth great-grandfather died a disappointment after losing 99% of his assets in the defeat of World War II. Later, with few properties left, my grandfather and father worked together to run a family business.
My grandfather passed away when I was a child, but he took great care of me. He also left behind his great-grandfather’s favorite pre-war pocket watch and wristwatches his grandfather had bought both in Japan and abroad.
Affected by this, I started subscribing to watch magazines at 12. By the time I graduated middle school, I was ordering catalogs for watch auctions.
I took a part-time job to obtain watches in that age’s expanding antique watch market. Before I turned 20, I started acting as a collector with the money I earned from my part-time job.

Later, after starting my career as a working adult for a while, I spent my time as a pure collector only, but in my late 30s, I decided to start a business of searching for nice watches and delivering to passionate watch collectors.
From my previous experience, I was intensely aware that the watches in the business I handled should be vintage PATEK PHILIPPE because I was already fascinated by collecting Vintage PATEK PHILIPPE at a young age.

Starting my career as a watch dealer/curator, I have gained acquaintances with great pioneer dealers and collectors worldwide, highly skilled watchmakers, international auction house staff, and trusted clients. The encounters I had through watches gave me a variety of freedoms, even though I had lived in an old traditional community until then.
And that freedom taught me that our society of tradition I had thought was rigid was valuable and beautiful.
These encounters and realizations are my greatest assets, and becoming a member of the wonderful community of WATCH WORLD is one of the most beautiful events in my life.
In practice, I acquired engineering knowledge during my school days, and I was one of the first to introduce portable microscopes to the watch curation scene.
I now have more enhanced digital microscopes in my lab, and I use them for one of my main tasks: curating vintage PATEK PHILIPPE.
I have been involved in watches as a hobby for nearly 40 years. Furthermore, I have accumulated more than 12 years of experience as the professional vintage watch curating included.

My passion for watches is still undiminished, and I strive daily to salvage from a past and deliver great watches to our customers. In fact, I have delivered thousands well curated watches to our clients with their satisfaction so far.